Artificial Grass for Dogs

If you have pets, you can give them a wonderful synthetic grass area to play on. It will be easy to clean, maintain, and won't suffer from smells and stains. See how you and your pet can benefit from artificial turf!

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artificial grass for dogs
artificial grass for dogs
Dog Runs and Pet Areas

Artificial Turf for Pets

Dogs love artificial grass! It's the perfect surface for them to play and run on, and it doesn't get muddy or dirty like real natural turf grass does. Plus, it's easy to clean for you. Synthetic turf drains naturally, and doesn't stain or trap pet odors, or give off the natural grass smell.

Many dog owners choose artificial grass for their yards because it is low maintenance and easy to care for once you get the hang of it. Synthetic turf is also a great option for dogs who are allergic to natural grasses. When cleaning artificial grass, you first need to remove solid waste as soon as possible. Next you can hose down the area with water, and then apply an anti-odor, microbial solution and that's it! DIY home solutions include mixing equal parts water and vinegar.

Other benefits of artificial grass for dogs include the fact that you will find minimal ticks or fleas because these pesky critters cannot survive on artificial turf. As fake turf also does not have any mud, you won't need to deal with mud puddles and bathing your pet! You can also say goodbye to holes in the grass that you would have to resod after your pet has done some digging.

The last great benefit is that your home and patio will be cleaner overall, as there will be less dirt and other debris built up in the artificial grass material. Your pets won't know the different and they'll love it just the same. So speak with us today and give your pet an artificial turf area that they will love, that's less of a headache for you to maintain!

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